Assisted Living

Assisted Living Solutions In Manchester

Technology advancements in home automation and control have brought a wide number of benefits to people suffering from disabilities.  Having worked on several projects in this area we have the understanding of needs and difficulties, we can offer various solutions that aid in lifestyle and help with improved assisted living, throughout Greater Manchester areas.

Some of the areas of technology that are specifically well suited to Assisted Living projects are:

1. Automated Window and Door openers for internal doors,
2. Voice Control systems
3. Lighting Control systems, including control of sensory rooms
4. Temperature control
5. Video intercom and Door Entry solutions

We provide Assisted Living solutions in Alderley Edge, Hale, Wilmslow, Knutsford or Prestbury. If you require more detail please call Smarthouse today on 0845 862 2134 to discuss your requirements or arrange for a consultation.

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