Lighting Design

At Smart House, we offer Lighting Design Services to homes and businesses across Chester, Oxford and Manchester. The first step of the lighting design project will begin with us providing an initial fee proposal for your project.

Home Cinema

Smart House has a proven track record over a number of years providing quality home cinemas, multi-room audio and TV distribution and home automation control to homes across Oxford, Chester, Manchester to name popular areas we cover.


For homes and businesses, now more than ever – data network cabling, often termed CAT5 networking, CAT6 networking or CAT7 networking, is becoming a necessity. Having a wired network allows to have a private, high speed, network at home or in an office or workplace for Internet access, file sharing, media streaming, online gaming (console or PC), IP security cameras, or any other use of standard ethernet type wiring.

Lighting Control

Lighting control systems are an intelligent network based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs (such as control panels, timers, switches and remote controls) related to lighting control with the use of one or more central computing devices.

Heating Control

For most of us, the room thermostat is a simple dial on the wall that allows you to control the temperature of the home. Thermostats are a fantastic invention, but they are pretty limited. For example, we go into homes where the thermostat is situated right by the front door and is exposed to an almost constant stream of cold air, which means that the thermostat will invariably send a signal to the boiler to fire up since it is recording the ambient temperature as very low.

Electrical Installation

Our extensive portfolio of new build and refurbishment electrical engineering projects are spread across the UK. With over 11 years’ experience, this diverse portfolio ranges from high end residential properties, hotels, education, office accommodation, student accommodation, to nursing facilities and restoration/heritage schemes.

Multiroom Audio & Video

Smart House multi room systems allow the user to enjoy and control audio and video sources in multiple rooms, including bathrooms, pools, saunas and outdoor areas.  Various styles and specification of speakers, keypads and remote controls can be chosen in each room. Speakers can be fitted in ceilings, in walls, ‘invisible’ plastered over speakers, wall mounted or floor standing. Keypads and can be wall mounted with a choice of fascia and remote controls come in various options.