Heating Control Systems In Manchester, London & UK Wide

We offer Heating Control Systems installation throughout Manchester, London and UK Wide, for larger projects.

For most of us, the room thermostat is a simple dial on the wall that allows you to control the temperature of the home. Thermostats are a fantastic invention, but they are pretty limited. For example, we go into homes where the thermostat is situated right by the front door and is exposed to an almost constant stream of cold air, which means that the thermostat will invariably send a signal to the boiler to fire up since it is recording the ambient temperature as very low.

Thankfully, we can offer a modern solution and more efficient heating control systems homes throughout Manchester, London and UK wide – one that will allow for the busy modern life; varying temperatures between the outside and inside; variability between rooms and some will even learn about your habits too!

So if you have an old thermostat – you may be better off replacing it today! Call Smarthouse to speak to us direct about your heating control systems requirements within Manchester, London or surrounds.

What is the best intelligent heating control system for me?

There are a few different intelligent heating systems available. Our engineers can help you to understand the key features and limitations of each based on their basic functionality, intelligence and zoning capabilities (ability to heat different parts of the house to different temperatures)

In addition to the Manchester and London areas, we install Heating Control Systems in Alderley Edge, Hale, Knutsford, Prestbury and Wilmslow. Also, if you live outside these areas and would like more detail on our Heating Control Systems, please feel free to get in touch.



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