Technology is not getting any simpler. More and more smart devices now available, our world is becoming more cluttered and complicated than ever before.  In light of this it would be great if the technology in our homes all just worked together, as one. Don’t you think?

Smarthouse Technology Ltd has spent 11 specialising in designing simple, affordable and discrete solutions to intelligently control almost any aspect of your home. Today, we can say that this can be done through one easy to use interface.  We bring together different technologies to improve comfort, convenience, safety and can also bring benefits such as energy saving and security.

Imagine a home where in any room you can listen to your favourite music, watch TV, adjust lights, light the fire or even lock your front door, all at the touch of a button.  This all done without  visible wires or ugly black boxes and no hassle.

This is not a space age future home, it is your home today!

Entertainment is simple! One remote or iPad even iPhone.  Choose the music, the movie, the channel. Watch the projector and screen appear from the ceiling, your curtains close, the lights dim and your favourite film starts playing from the invisible in-wall speakers.


Technology advancements in home automation and control have brought a wide number of benefits to people suffering from disabilities.  Having worked on several projects in this area we have the understanding of needs and difficulties, we can offer various solutions that aid in lifestyle and help with improved assisted living.

Some of the areas of technology that are specifically well suited to Assisted Living projects are:

1. Automated Window and Door openers for internal doors,
2. Voice Control systems
3. Lighting Control systems, including control of sensory rooms
4. Temperature control
5. Video intercom and Door Entry solutions

This is Smarthouse Technology!